Traveller Alex Chacon made this video of his trip to the highest road in the world, watch and then try to answer the questions below. Be careful, the scenery is beautiful but the listening is a challenge!

Complete the missing words

1. (0:17) ‘When I was a kid my dad took a second job to buy the one thing he always wanted; a brand new softail _________.’

2. (3:37) ‘Sometimes it takes removing yourself from everything that makes you __________ to make you realize how big the world really is.’

3. (5:41) ‘When I was 17 years old my dad ____ his life on that motorcycle.

[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answers”]1. motorcycle
2. comfortable
3. lost[/su_spoiler]

What type of motorbike is Alex riding?

a. A Harley Davidson
b. A Honda Suzuki
c. A Royal Enfield

[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answer”]c. A Royal Enfield[/su_spoiler]

What does ‘lose your life’ mean?

a. To die
b. Be bad at playing video games
c. Feel tired

[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answer”]a. To die[/su_spoiler]