Movies are a great way to study English.

Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Interstellar, comes to Japan on November 22nd.

Watch the trailer and then try to answer the questions below.

Watch again and try to hear the missing words

1. ‘We used to look up in the sky and _______ at our place in the stars.’ (0.02)

2. ‘You have to think ______ than that.’ (1.24)

3. ‘Love is the one thing that _______ time and space.'(1.37)
[su_spoiler title=”Click here for answers”]1. wonder

2. bigger

3. transcends[/su_spoiler]

What type of movie is this?

a. Fantasy
b. Sci-fi
c. Romcom

[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answer”] The answer is b. sci-fi (science fiction)

Romcom means romantic comedy [/su_spoiler]

Christopher Nolan is the _______

a. director
b. lead actor
c. cameraman
[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answer”]a. director[/su_spoiler]