Brad Pitt’s new movie, Fury, is coming to the cinema in Japan on November 28th

Watch the trailer and then try to answer the questions below.

Watch again and try to hear the missing words

1. ‘I’m your new assistant _______’ (0.28)

2. ‘I won’t ask you to do anything I haven’t done _______.’

3. ‘Ideals are peaceful, history is ________'(0.58)
[su_spoiler title=”Click here for answers”]1. driver

2. myself

3. violent[/su_spoiler]

What type of movie is this?

a. Sci-fi
b. War
c. Chick flick

[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answer”] The answer is b. War


This story takes place in

a. Africa
b. France
c. Germany
[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answer”]c. Germany[/su_spoiler]