This is an intermediate to advanced topic. In class materials are always customised to the needs of students. Below is a small sample of some of the study points.

How to Cure Aging

Are you interested in anti-aging? What about a cure for aging? Would you like to live 100, 200, 500 years or more? Why? Why not?

Exercise 1

Watch the following video and then answer the questions below.


How was the video? Was it difficult? Why? Was it too fast? Were there too many new words or something else?

What did you understand from the video? Can you briefly explain what the video was about?

Exercise 2

Watch the video again whilst reading through the text. Identify new words and phrases, ask the teacher to explain the meaning. See the list below for the most commonly asked words.


1. What are senescent cells?

2. What is NAD and what does it do?

3. Explain what stem cells are and why they can be used in anti-aging therapies.

Exercise 3

Write 3 or 4 questions that can be answered from the video. Ask other students to answer your questions.

Senescent cells 老化細胞
NAD ニコチンアミドアデニンジヌクレオチド
Stem cells 幹細胞
Chromosome 染色体(せんしょくたい)
Telomere テロメア
Human trials = clinical trials 治験
Unforeseen consequence 予期せぬ結果
Healthspan 健康寿命
Root cause 根本的な原因
Diabetes 糖尿病
Kidney failure 腎不全
Genetically engineered 遺伝子操作された、遺伝子工学の産物である
Alzheimer’s アルツハイマー病
Cardiovascular disease 心血管疾患
Multiple sclerosis 多発性硬化症
Rejuvenate 若返らせる
Cosmic radiation 宇宙(放射)線
Blueprint 青写真
Hypothalamus 視床下部

Further study

Try to identify any phrasal verbs and collocations in the video.