Do is used in many different phrasal verbs that are used in daily conversation

Do up– make something look good.

  • She did up her makeup before she left the house.

Do up means to fasten something.

  • I can’t do my zip up, can you help me?

Do (something) over– do again.

  • My teacher said that my essay wasn’t very good. He suggested that I do it over again.

Do (someone) in– kill someone (real or imaginary).

  • She planned to do her husband in and then claim the insurance money.

Do (someone) good– be good for someone.

  • You spend too much time sitting down. Going for regular walks will do you good.

Do without (something)– live without something.

  • We can do without buying a new TV, we hardly ever watch TV anyway.

Do away with– stop having something.

  • The company is going to do away with the snack vending machines. They cost too much and aren’t good for our health.

Do well for (oneself)– become successful.

  • Chris has done really well for himself. He started his second company last year.

Practice using the sentences below

1. If you don’t do your homework right the first time you will have to ___________.

2. His wife ________ after she found the love letter to another woman.

3. We ________ the house after we bought it. Before it was kind of ugly, but now it looks fantastics.

4. When you go camping you have to ________ gas, electricity and soft beds.

5. J K Rowling used to be very poor. But after writing Harry Potter she has _______ herself.

6. I _______ that old, green sofa. We never really liked it anyway.

7. Since he retired he hasn’t done much. Maybe a new hobby will ________.

8. ________ your shoelaces before you trip and hurt yourself.

[su_spoiler title=”Click here for the answers”]1. do it over
2. did him in
3. did up
4. do without
5. done well for
6. did away with
7. do him good
8. Do up[/su_spoiler]

Can you think of any more phrasal verbs that use the word ‘do’? Leave a comment and let me know!