I really enjoyed our first movie club event. We analysed a number of different movie trailers and talked about other movies to watch.

Vice; based on the true story of the vice presidency of Dick Cheney.

We also took a look at the new Keira Knightley movie, The Aftermath, set shortly after World War 2.

We also talked about a few of our favourite movies, including The Shawshank Redemption (ショーシャンクの空に) which led us to another Morgan Freeman movie; Driving Miss Daisy.

We also talked about cinematography (撮影) and I suggested one of my favourite movies, a Chinese movie, called In the Mood For Love. You won’t learn any English from the movie, but it’s a beautiful piece of cinema. The Japanese title is 花樣年華.

From there we also talked about a number of dramas. From Breaking Bad (ブレイキング・バッド) and Better Call Saul (ベター・コール・ソウル) to the worldwide phenomenon that is Game of Thrones (ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ).

Have you seen any of these movies or shows? Come and talk to us about them or maybe introduce us to some new movie or drama.