There was a lot to talk about today. The stabbing ( 刺す ) of a policeman near Suita ( 吹田 ) and the theft( 盗難 ) of his gun( 銃 ) which led to a manhunt( 犯人捜査 ) and luckily the apprehension ( 逮捕 ) of the perpetrator( 加害者 ).

We also talked about the upcoming (もうすぐ行われる) G20 summit ( G20サミット ) the security issues and disruption ( 混乱 ) it will bring to Osaka. Some people thought that the number of police was overkill ( やり過ぎ ).

We also talked about the recent spate ( 多数 ) of car accidents involving elderly ( お年寄り ) drivers.

The topics weren’t all so serious and we had an interesting talk about all the new Disney live action film ( 実写映画 ) remakes( 作り直す ) that have appeared this year. Dumbo ( ダンボ ) and Aladdin ( アラジン ) received mixed ( 混在 ) or poor reviews ( 悪いレビュー )

Reviews of Dumbo have been mixed
Many people were disappointed with Aladdin